Also known as monogramming, embroidery is a great way to personalise your apparel. Embroidery machines use needles and thread to stitch a logo onto garments. We only use premium thread which means the embroidery is durable and colour sharpness is maintained. Our machine and range of thread colour allows us to stitch up to 12 colours per logo and we can complete six garments at a time. 

Embroidery is ideal for chest logos or caps however we can embroider pretty much anything. A one off fee is charged to set up your logo and because we keep these on file, it’s a piece of cake to re-order. Each logo is priced based on the number of stitches that is required to produce a top-notch product. The bigger the size of the embroidery, the more stitches are required and are priced accordingly.

For the backs of shirts or on larger team bags, we recommend either Heat Transfer or Screen Printing. 


Also known as Heat Press, this is a great solution for small runs or promotional apparel. With an unlimited number of options for colour, you can really let your imagination run wild. Whether it is for an event, or you want to go off brand for your team, the Transfer method is a cost effective way of creating unique, custom garments. 

These don’t require a screen print to be set up, we print and cut the vinyl, then use heat to transfer the image onto your garment. 

Screen Printing

If you have a large number of apparel you want to brand, this is more than likely the go-to method. This is the most common printing method for large quantities as it is fast and efficient. 

During the screen printing process, a screen is made and applied one colour at a time. For logo designs with more than one colour, our designer separates the ink colours and screens are made for each separate colour. This ensures crispness of colours making sure your logo really pops. This is also why the screen printing process can be more costly for smaller runs. 

We can easily screen print up to 8 colours per design.


Supacolour is unique in that it combines the quality of a traditional screen print with the convenience and flexibility of digital printing. It is also one of the best garment decoration methods if you have more than 20 garments to brand with complex artwork. 

Supacolour has the flexibility to print almost unlimited colour and gradients. It means that complex artwork can be printed for your garments.

Supacolour is applied using the heat transfer method and can be applied to a number of different fabrics, even caps and beanies.