Fire Stryker 100 SEC Fire Extinguisher

$227.70 inc. GST

The Firestryker FSS100SEC is a simple and easy way to ensure that you are prepared in the event of a fire in your home, workplace, or vehicle.

Firestryker is environmentally friendly and can be safely stored for easy accsess in an emergency, preventing the fire from getting out of hand.

Firestryker is a small lightweight cylinder: the upper part is a metal tube containing the extinguishing charge. The lower part is made of plastic and serves as a support handle.

Upon ignition, the extinguishing charge produces a potassium aerosol jet that lasts for approximately 100 seconds.

Point the nozzle at the base of the flames to smother the fire at its core.

  • Easy to use
  • 100 Seconds fight time
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No servicing required
  • 8 Years shelf life
  • Leaves no residue
  • Only 365 grams
  • Not pressurised
  • Just one strike and the fire is out
  • Perfect for space or weight sensitive environments


You might be wondering why would I buy firestryker for $227.7 (incl. GST) when the average cost of a 1kg vehicle fire extinguisher is $40 (inc. GST)? Well we have the answer calculated for you. At $11.60 less to have each year plus zero hassle for 8 years teamed with the capacity to fight larger fires means a more economically viable product to have for your work vehicles. 

Price Discharge Time Cost per second  Onsite fire extinguisher service  Service frequency  Shelf life Cost/year
Standard 1KG Powder extinguisher  $40 9s $4.44 $44.00 Every 12 Months  5 Years  $40
Fire Stryker $227.70 100s $2.27 $0 Never  8 Years $28.4